Sunday, April 24, 2016

Plans For Next Weekend

My grandpa's birthday is this Thursday, and we are going to celebrate it over the weekend.  t is a family tradition that we go out to dinner to celebrate someone's birthday.  We decided that we are going to go for pizza at Ledo's pizza for my grandpa's birthday.  Ledo's is a great little restaurant, well known for their pizza.  We have been there several times in the past for birthdays and other special occasion such as graduations.  They have a little version of an arcade in the back of the restaurant with some games and crane machines.  My little brother especially loves playing all of the games.  He likes the racing game, where he is able o drive his very own racecar.  His favorite game though is a machine that when you insert the quarter, the ball spins, and a prize comes out.  These prizes, of course, are very cheap and what you might consider junk, but he loves that he "wins" every time.  Anytime we go to Ledo's, we have to make sure we have plenty of quarters, so my brother can play and keep busy.  After we go out for pizza, we usually go back to my grandma's house to sing and have cake.  I always bake some sort of cake for the special occasion.  This is my dad's dad, and his side of the family is pretty small.  It is just my dad and his brother, so the dinner is pretty small and intimate.  It is always nice to spend time with my family though, especially hen we are celebrating a special occasion.  I am looking forward to next weekend and celebrating my grandpa's birthday.

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