Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What I Learned Today 1/19/16

Audience is everything!  This is one of the main points I took away from class today.  No matter what you are writing, you must keep your audience in mind.  The audience will determine what the genre and purpose of your writing will be.  Without an intended audience, it is nearly impossible to write a good paper and get your purpose across.  There are various genres and writing styles that work well for various topics, but the target audience remains the key to writing a truly good paper.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog?

Blogging is a unique way to express one's thoughts and opinion through the medium of the internet.  Blogs should be about topics that are interesting to the blogger, topics they have strong opinions about and feel that their voices need to be heard.  When blogging, I feel that the main responsibility to keep in mind is to be true to yourself, your beliefs, and your morals.  Blogging should be a form of self expression, so by not compensating our beliefs because we fear what others might think, we are following the responsibility of a blogger.  Blogging should be a combination of the inner self with the outer world as blogging comes from a private, personal place, but is then shared with the rest of the world to read and comment on.  To be a responsible blogger means to stay true to oneself and be open and hones in our beliefs as this is the main reason for having blogs, to have an outlet for our innermost thoughts and feelings.  The main concept of blogging is to be ale to have our voices heard and share our beliefs with the rest of the world through an internet based communication system.  Although we never speak directly to another person, blogging should be treated as a for of communication that we know others will read as well.  Bloggers should be truthful and firm in their beliefs and should not be afraid to stand up for what they believe in despite comments or differing opinions from others.  Overall, the main responsibility we have when blogging is to be open and honest in our thoughts and beliefs, and to be accepting of other' comments and opinions.  A good blog remains true to itself and is an outlet for the writer and others to express their beliefs and even find out more about themselves in the process.  Blogging is often an overlooked form of communication, but it is a form of communication nonetheless, one that is an outlet for everyday people to have their voices heard.  Blogging should come from a place within the writer and should be open, honest, and meaningful to them and hopefully to others that will read the blog.  Although blogging may seem like an unimportant means of communication, it is a good way to express one's thoughts, and that is the real responsibility the blogger has.  Being open and honest with others and more importantly with themselves.