Saturday, April 23, 2016

Car Trouble

I just got my car back from being worked on today.  It had been making weird sound the past few weeks, and finally we brought it in to be looked at.  There was a problem with the strut mounts, but thankfully it is fixed and ready to go.  This made me think how dependent we are on cars.  Cars are the main way everyone gets around, and without cars, it would be very difficult to get from place to place.  We didn't always have cars though, and people still got by.  We have evolved so much from the days of walking or riding horses.  Cars are definitely a great help to everyday life, but there are also some drawbacks to cars.  Cars are one of the main contributors to pollution and consume a lot of gasoline.  They are pretty bad for the environment which is why there has been a recent push toward electric cars and alternate fuel sources.  Carpooling is also being encouraged and promoted through new services, such as Uber.  I know I definitely depend on my car as I commute to school everyday.  It would be impossible for me to get to school without my car or to get anywhere for that matter.  Although cars are not the best things for the environment, they are important and necessary for people to work and travel.  People depend heavily upon cars, so it would be great if we could all find a way to make them cleaner and safer for the environment.  That way, everyone can get to where they need to go in a cleaner, more efficient way.

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