Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Social Welfare

Last week for my speech class, I gave a persuasive speech on the issue of social welfare.  There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding social welfare, but I believe it is necessary and should be available to anyone who needs it.  Welfare can often be the difference between someone staying in their house and that same person living on the streets.  People receiving welfare cannot afford or do not have access to the basic necessities that everyone is entitled to.  All people deserve to have food, water, and shelter, and if they cannot afford these items, then, I believe the government has the right to step in and help its people.  One of the big arguments against social welfare is that people abuse the system.  Of course, some people do abuse the system, and this is usually what we hear about on the news and through the media.  The majority of people on welfare, though, do really need it and are benefitting from it.  Welfare is also meant to be short term aid, in place until the person can get back on his or her feet and provide for themselves.  This is ultimately the goal of most people, to be self-sufficient and independent.  A lot of people do not want to be on welfare, but they do what is necessary to support themselves or their families.  Overall, I believe opponents of social welfare are lacking in their sense of empathy.  If they were in the position of a person on welfare, I am sure they would want money and services available to help them, so why would they deny this to another person?  I do not understand how welfare is a controversial topic when it is helping people for the better, at times, even saving their lives.  Welfare is also important for children.  If a child's parents are poor or unemployed, then welfare can ensure that the most basic needs of the child are being met.  Social welfare is important and helps many people get to a better place in their lives, so I believe is should be available to anyone who needs it.

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