Thursday, April 14, 2016

Social Media

Social media is huge in today's society.  It seems like everyone, young and old alike, have some sort of social media profiles.  Personally, I am not a member of any social media sites.  I know this is unusual for  a person my age, nut I never really understood the point.  If I want to talk to my family or friends, I would rather call or text them instead of reaching out through facebook.  I'm not saying that social media is necessarily bad because there are some valid reasons why people make these accounts.  My grandma has a facebook account and loves showing off the many pictures of her grandkids to family and friends.  Social media can be good for businesses to advertise or for people to connect with long distance relatives, but there are also negative aspects associated with social media.  Cyber bullying is becoming a huge issue for kids and teens which could have catastrophic results.  It is becoming more common to hear about kids committing suicide over something that somebody posted on social media.  One of my classmates is writing a paper on eating disorders, and she said that researchers have found a clear connection between eating disorders and social media.  Kids can be cruel sometimes, and it is a whole lot easier to be cruel hidden behind a screen.  Words and pictures spread rapidly on social media as well.  Once something has been posted, it cannot be deleted because other people will have already seen it and shared it.  There are plenty of messages telling us to be smart about what we post on social media, and I believe these messages need to be better heard.  Social media can be great if it is used for the right reasons.  But, as with anything, if used incorrectly it can have detrimental effects on another person.

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