Monday, April 25, 2016

My Blogging Experience

Keeping a blog this semester has been an interesting experience.  I have never even read a blog before, let alone kept one of my own, so I was a little uncertain about the assignment.  It is always good to expose yourself to new forms or styles of writing, and blogging is definitely a first for me.  Overall, I think this was a beneficial experience.  Blogging allowed me to discuss some issues that I feel strongly about and kind of let out all of my thoughts.  At time, I found my posts to be almost a stream of consciousness, with me writing anything that came to mind on a particular topic.  I found my blog as a nice way to clear my mind and reflect upon various issues.  Whether it be something I learned in one of my classes or simply what I did over the weekend, I was able to collect my thoughts release them in a written form.  I could talk about whatever I wanted without being worried of what people might think.  At the same time, I found blogging to be challenging.  There were many times when I found myself struggling to come up with a topic to discuss.  This was probably the hardest part for me overall.  I can easily write on a topic that someone else gives to me, but coming up with topics I wanted to blog about was a challenge.  After I figured out a topic, blogging was pretty easy.  I just kind of let all of thoughts out and expressed my various feelings on issues kind of like I am doing right now.  Another challenge I faced while blogging was simply making the time for it.  There were many days when I had so many other things to do that I could not blog until late at night, or did not blog altogether.  I think bloggers deserve some credit.  I found it challenging to keep a blog for one semester, but there are bloggers who have been posting for years.  I think keeping a blog gave me a new appreciation for not only bloggers, but writers in general.  Writing can be challenging at times, but there are so many great bloggers and authors who successfully completed the challenge.  I am glad I had the opportunity to blog this semester.  It gave me a chance to try something new and a little out of comfort zone while enabling me to learn a little more about myself through the process.  Although it was challenging, I think blogging was a good learning experience for me.  

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