Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, another great historical leader, also leaves behind a great legacy, similar to that of Martin Luther King Jr.  Most people know Gandhi's first name to be Mahatma, but this was actually a name given to him by his followers meaning "great leader."  An interesting fact about Gandhi's early life was that he was married at age 13 through an arranged marriage.  Gandhi worked tirelessly for Indian independence from Britain.  Indians in Britain were treated much the same way as African Americans in America.  There was a lot of segregation and discrimination against the Indians by the white British settlers.  Gandhi actually influenced a lot of the practices of Martin Luther King Jr.  Gandhi believed in nonviolent protest to reach his goals despite violence from the other side.  A large way he did this was through boycotts of British goods.  Gandhi encouraged the Indians to make their own clothing as cotton was largely made by the British.  This is how the sewing machine became the symbol of the Indian independence movement.  Gandhi believed in his mission so much that he would go on hunger strikes at time to show his dedication.  He would not eat for several days as a way to shoe his dedication o the people and their cause.  Because of the work of Gandhi, Britain did grant Indian independence.  Gandhi was nominated five time for the Nobel Peace Prize, but never won the award.  Despite this, he was an amazing leader and remains an outstanding role model.  His peaceful fighting for independence shows that goals can be accomplished peacefully if everyone works together and fights for what is right.   

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