Sunday, April 17, 2016

Urinetown the Musical

Today, I went to see Lewis's production of Urinetown the Musical.  Despite the name, it was actually a really great play.  The cast always does such an amazing job.  They are all extremely talented, and in today's case, very flexible. Towards the end of the production today, the fire alarm went off, and the entire theatre had to evacuate.  Everyone waited outside of the theatre until the fire department came to reset the alarm.  It took a while, but finally we were all able to go back inside and finish the show.  The cast even incorporated this event into the play.  Overall, I really enjoyed the play.  Basically, the play was about a rebel movement that began after the government started forcing people to pay to use the bathroom because of the ensuing drought.  The characters were hilarious as were the jokes and musical numbers.  The set was also exceptionally designed.  It looked like an old abandoned town, and the attention to detail was incredible.  From the garbage strown on the streets, to the smudged tarnished brick walls, the set looked extremely authentic.  The lighting and sound also added to the success of the show. At times, character appeared in a dreamlike manner, so the sound was echoed, and they appeared foggy.  The small attention to detail like this that make plays so appealing. There is something about a live performance that just cannot be captured on TV.  Great job to the cast of Urinetown.  The play was great, and I look forward to seeing what the next one will bring.

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