Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Cousin's Wedding Part 2

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding; she is now officially married.  It was really nice to see all of my family, and my cousin seemed really happy.  She looked beautiful and had a nice wedding. The wedding took place in a Baptist Church, and the ceremony was a lot shorter than I expected.  It only took about 30 minutes.  My little cousin made a great flower girl, and she was so happy to be in the wedding and all of the pictures.  My other cousin was the maid of honor.  She was really nervous but did a great job.  The ceremony was pretty straight to the point.  The couple said their vows, exchanged rings, and that pretty much concluded the ceremony.  They also did something I have never seen at a wedding before.  They each took separate containers of sand and poured them into the same container.  This was supposed to symbolize them coming together as one in unity.  After the ceremony, we went to the banquet hall for the reception.  It was a nice hall with plenty of room for the many guests they invited.  The wedding party shared such nice toasts, and everyone wished a lot of happiness to the new couple.  Later, the dance floor opened, and the goofy came out in everyone.  Most of my family crowded the dance floor showing off their "best moves".  Of course, these moves were not very good, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless.  Overall, the wedding was a lot of fun.  I got to see all of my family, and we all shared a special event together.  I am happy for my cousin and hope she has a great marriage.

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