Monday, April 4, 2016

Feed My Starving Children

As part of my obligation to fulfill service hours for my service learning class, I have been volunteering at the organization, Feed My Starving Children.  Feed My Starving Children is an organization that works to fight hunger and starvation around the world.  The food they package is scientifically formulated to raise children out of hunger and treat malnutrition.  After we finish our packing session, one of the leaders usually shares a story about a child who has been helped with the food.  The results are astonishing.  After a month or two of eating this food, the children are much healthier and happier.  I enjoy volunteering and packing the food, especially when I am able to see how much my volunteering makes a difference in these people's lives.  The process is extremely organized from the actual packing of food to the shipping and delivery.  Several tables are set up with different tasks to be fulfilled by volunteers.  Jobs include scooping the food, bagging the food, weighing the bags, sealing the bags, and boxing the bags.  Each package contains four ingredients: vitamins, veggies, soy, and rice.  The bags are weighed and boxed precisely and sent out to begin their long journey around the globe.  Feed My Starving Children has over a 99.7% success rate of getting the food to where it needs to be, which is absolutely incredible.  I completely believe in the organization's mission and love what they are doing to combat world hunger.  I plan on continuing to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children even after my service hours are fulfilled.  Hunger is such a serious issue in the world today with millions of people dying each day.  To be able to do my part to give back and work to end hunger is so rewarding.  I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of Feed My Starving Children, and I hope to continue volunteering in the future.

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