Friday, April 1, 2016

Movie Music

Yesterday, I attended the Monarch Wind Quintet concert at Lewis.  The concert was made up of several songs from the movies ranging from classic films to recent ones.  The concert was really great, and all of the musicians were phenomenal.  The concert made me realize what an important role music plays in the movies.  Music really sets the ton for the movie and tells the audience how they should be feeling.  The tone and style of the music creates the mood for the specific scene, whether it be happiness, sadness, anxiousness, or excitement.  Much of the music from movies is so recognizable nowadays.  A tiny segment of certain music can be played, and someone can connect to a movie.  Without music, movies would not be the same; even silent films had musical accompaniment at times.  Music truly is a fundamental part of movies and is one component that makes movies so great.

The concert also got me thinking about composers and how much talent they possess.  Composers create these memorable melodies that fit perfectly with the movie and its theme.  I don't think composer get the recognition they deserve, especially in movies.  The emphasis is on the actors and actresses who bring the movies to life, but without the composer's music, movies would not be so successful.   Composers deserve recognition as well for all their work in making movies what they are today.

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