Friday, April 22, 2016

Staying Alive

Hawks win!  Hawks win!  They did it, the Hawks won last night's game and are still in the running for winning the series.  It was a nail biter, going into double overtime, but the Hawks pulled through and were victorious.  The series is now 3-2, with the St. Louis Blues up by one game.  Even when the Hawks are down, and its seems like it is over, they have a habit of surprising their fans and making a comeback.  Kaner scored the game winning goal, keeping the Hawks alive in the series.  They play again tomorrow and have a home ice advantage.  Hopefully, this will allow them to tie up the series in front of their fans.  All Hawks games are pretty intense and keep you on the edge of your seat, but when the games are playoff games, there is even more intensity, along with a greater urgency to win.  I think being down one games in the series will actually give the Hawks an advantage tomorrow.  They have to win to sty in the playoffs, whereas the Blues are already ahead and can afford to lose another game.  Sometimes, the underdog pulls through because there is a greater desire to win and stay alive, so the players have that much more stamina and drive.  If they win tomorrow's game, I definitely think they will carry that momentum and clench the series.  I hope the Hawks pull through tomorrow and win this pivotal game.  The Hawks deserve to move on and prove themselves in the second round of the playoffs.  I think all that is left to say is, Go Hawks!!! 

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