Thursday, April 14, 2016

Looking Ahead

I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone.  There are only two weeks left of classes, which is crazy.  I am super excited for summer, but I have a lot to get done in these next two weeks before I can enjoy some quality time off.  My first year here at Lewis has been great.  I have met some great friends and some great professors.  I felt very prepared for all of my classes, and I owe a huge thank you to my high school for providing me with the tools I needed to succeed.  I have been able to take some really interesting courses and broaden my knowledge by fulfilling various general education classes.  This semester I took part in a service learning class, which I was a little unsure about at first.  I am really glad I had the opportunity to have the experience though as it provided me with knowledge and experience I can use inside and outside the classroom.  Finals week is still looming large, and I know I have a lot to prepare for, but I am taking things one step at a time, working my way toward a strong finish to the semester.  In three more weeks, I will no longer be a freshman on campus.  I never realize how fast the school year goes until times like these when I am reflecting on my experiences.  I had a great first year of college, and I look forward to learning more and pushing myself even further next year.

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