Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Family Vacations

Currently, my family is trying to decide where to go on vacation.  Every summer, we take a family vacation.  I always love getting away for a few days with my family.  The past few years, we have gone to Wisconsin, either Lake Geneva or the Dells.  We have also gone to Michigan, Indiana, and Florida.  My favorite vacation was definitely Disney World.  I was lucky enough to go to Disney World twice with my family.  Disney World is the best place to go on vacation, no matter how old you are.  There is something for everyone, different rides and attractions for all ages.  It is so fun going to the different parks and seeing what new rides and attractions they have.  I think Magic Kingdom has to be my favorite park.  There are so many different rides and attractions located in the park.  From roller coasters to live shows to boat rides, there is truly something for everyone.  I'm pretty sure it is impossible to go to Disney World and be unhappy or not like anything.  With characters roaming the parks and smiles on everyone's faces, Disney World really is the "happiest place on Earth."  The last time I went to Disney World was almost 8 years ago, and I cannot wait to go back again.  My cousins are actually going for the first time this year.  We have been talking about, and my sister and I have been telling them all about our favorite rides and things to do.  Reminiscing about my time in Disney World makes me want to go back and see the new additions to the parks.  Right now, my brother is three years old, so he is still too little to take on a plane and really enjoy Disney World, so we will have to wait a few more years before going back but it will definitely be worth the wait.  I know m family and I will have fun no matter where we go on vacation.  The important thing is that we are all together, and whenever we are together, we create our own fun.  I can't wait to decide where we will go on vacation next and what new fun is in store for us.  I especially cannot wait for summer when we can all relax and enjoy time off together.  

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