Monday, April 25, 2016

Course Evaluations

As the year draws to a close, it is time to complete course evaluations.  I really like that the students have an opportunity to give their input on a specific course or professor.  The students are the ones actually taking the course and doing the assignments everyday, so we know how beneficial various courses have been.  I know some professors really take these evaluations into consideration and make changes to their classes based on what students have to say.  One of my professors told us that she used to give her exams before spring break, but based on comments from students on their evaluations, she moved the test to before spring break.  It is nice to know that some professors really value what students have to say and want to know what they could do differently to improve their class in the future.  It shows that they really want the students to succeed and benefit from the class because they are willing to change certain aspects of their class to help future students.  It is nice to know that the university values our input and allows the students to share their feelings regarding certain classes and professors.  The evaluations also help me to reflect upon my experience in the class and see how relevant or beneficial the class was for me.  I am able to share my own thoughts on what I enjoyed about a class or what I think could be improved upon.  The evaluations are also anonymous, which is important because it allows students to express their true feelings on a specific class or professor without worrying that the professor will know what they said.  I really respect the professor that take the evaluations to heart and implement changes in their future classes.  It is nice to know that our voices are heard and or opinions matter.  I think evaluations are important for anything because you need to get a firsthand perspective of people actually in the situation you are evaluating, in this case, specific courses.  By understanding how the students feel, professors can tweak their classes to make sure students get the most out of their class.

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